Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Rezekne

Utilizing the design of A. Jefimov the first church was built in 1886 on Mescanska Street (now Rainis Street). It was a rather small one-story wooden building without any architecturally noteworthy elements. The construction of a red brick church to replace the old wooden structure was begun in the mid 1930’s, using the neogothic design of engineer J. Cīrulis. The church has a pointed steeple.

  • Rēzeknes Svētās Trīsvienības ev. luteriskā baznīca

The church was consecrated in 1938 and its vaulting began to resound with spiritual music and prayers dedicated to God. In the summer of 1949 Soviet authorities deprived the parishoners of their church, removed its crosses and dismantled its steeple.
For many years a film rental business occupied the former church. Significant internal reconstruction was performed to suit the needs of the business. At the beginning of the 1990’s the parish reacquired its property, which required a major renovation.
First the cross and later the bell were renewed starting in July 1993 at the Rezekne Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. Today worship services are being held and wonderful classical music performed. On such days the doors of the Lutheran Church are open to all who wish to see the life of the Church filled with music, light and spirituality.

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    • Russian
Last updated: 01.09.2014