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Horse-stead "Klajumi"

Horse-stead "Klajumi" is located in the rural district of Kaplava in Krāslava county, in the natural park "Daugavas loki” (Daugava Curves) near the protected area of Augšdaugava not far from the Latvia-Belarus border.

Horse-stead "Klajumi" is mostly visited by people interested in horses and being in nature. In 2007 the horse-stead received a Notice of Honour from the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs as the family-friendliest recreation place in Latgale region. It also won the agricultural competition "Sower – 2007” in the group of eco-tourism. Horse-stead "Klajumi” has been granted the Green Certificate – a quality mark of environmentally friendly farming.

Architecture endemic to Selonian farmsteads and to the governance period of president Kārlis Ulmanis has been preserved and developed.

The holiday cottage is furnished with environmentally friendly materials and "horse-themed” decorations. Renovation work is underway in the guest house "Klajumi Ķemeri” located 500m from the Daugava River. It is a place for inspiration set up in a separate farmstead surrounded by ancient trees. Visitors can ride horses and go on 2-7 day trips on horseback along the nature trail "Daugavas loki” (Daugava Curves) or in the vicinity of the protected area Augšdaugava and along the Latvian – Belarussian border.

This is neither a sports centre nor a horse club - the farm offers harmonius and scenic horseback riding suitable for experienced riders and beginners alike. The standard speed of riding is an easy horse-walk - security comes first. Latvian riding horses and local horses are calm and trustworthy and familiar with the devised routes. At the moment the farm keeps 11 horses, two of which are Belarusian riding mares, notable for their motley colour and their bloodline. Horse-stead "Klajumi” also takes part in wedding ceremonies and other celebrations, offering a ride in an open carriage or a sleigh with or without an escort.

We have turned into German knights, elegant French ladies and brazen Gypsies, galloping through the Krāslava park and bringing lots of joyful moments to the inhabitants of both Krāslava and Naujene district near Daugavpils as well as their visitors. Walking on the Klajumi GNAT trail in the landscape of forests and bogs you will come across wild callas, wood cow-wheat, wild bees, "the gnome’s cottage”, fir groves, wild boar diggings and peculiar trees grown together (birches, firs & pines). Children will be glad to meet rabbits, chickens, dogs and other household pets as well as to play in the sandlot and on the swing.

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Bank transfer
Admission Fee: 

Horseback riding indoors (1 round) –€ 3.00;

Horseback riding in the vicinity 1 h – € 28.40 (every subsequent hour – € 13.00);

Individual horseback riding (1 person per hour) – € 28.40;

Individual horseback riding, high intensity (1h) – € 28.40 ;

Ride in an open carriage – € 28.40

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Guide service available
Slow food
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Free parking
WiFi Internet
Access for disabled people
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