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House of Craftsmen in Liepaja

At the House of Craftsmen in Liepaja, purchase local arts and crafts and in turn, see how they are made at the Saiva Applied Arts Association.

The House of Craftsmen is managed by Saiva, which is an entity made up of 16 local craftsmen with the aim of retaining and promoting the uniqueness of the region's arts and crafts traditions, which are made using centuries-old traditions and techniques, as well as latest technologies to create modern, yet traditional objects of art.

View craftsmen at work

There is much activity on a daily basis, and any visitor can see the huge amount of care and responsibility in everything undertaken here:

  • linen, cotton and wool weaving and the making of national folk costumes
  • the transformation  of amber into jewelry
  • making soap and candles
  • sewing of textile mosaics - our grandmothers and grandfathers knew how hard it was to get their hands on fabric, that is why each  remnant was carefully kept to be sewn into blankets  later
  • painting, making rag-dolls, which smell of Latvian meadows
  • the forging of rings, earrings, pins, hand and neck chains, as well as ethnographic and archaeological ornaments
  • the making of ceramic items
  • making of hats and other head-gear
  • the weaving of baskets, tables, plates, as well as other ornate interior objects from willows and reeds
  • leather-ware and plastic products - containers, photo albums, covers, wallets, bags, belts, bracelets and even earrings

Visit  the exposition

National costumes

Learn about traditional national costumes from the experts themselves, and prepare to be amazed when viewing national costumes from Liepaja Region, which are over 100 years old! Since it has become more popular over the years for Latvians to celebrate the Summer Solstice in traditional national dress, it is possible to get your own national costume here, while at the same time participate in the process.


The waves of the Baltic Sea wash ashore considerable amounts of amber - one of the region’s most beautiful and desired natural resources. Amber has always been in the hearts of every Latvian, and it is the basic element for a wide variety of traditional jewelry and ornaments  In 2003, the residents of Liepaja donated over 50 liters of the precious stone to construct the Amber Clock in Liepaja Promenade. Also on display at the House of Craftsmen, the world’s longest amber necklace: 123 meters long, 19.5 kilograms, in various shades of amber. View how amber begins to shine when handled by masters, how it becomes a piece of jewelry, as well as find out how amber is formed geologically, and see what the precious stone has sometimes hiding inside it.


Do you wish to see how Barta skirts are woven, or linen tablecloths? Or maybe you yourself would like to try to weave something? The professional weavers will guide you through the process, so that, at least for a moment, you too can become a weaver. The masters will show you how a magnificent tablecloth is woven, one which will make you think twice about using it on the dinner table for fear of stains.

Guests visiting the House of Craftsmen have the opportunity to purchase items right from the craftsmen who made them.

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