Ielīcas Ethnographic Farmstead

Peace and quiet, the rustling of the river in early spring, the smell of grass and birds’ songs in summer, an evening swaddled in mist, mushroom picking in autumn, huge drifts of snow on a sunny winter morning... this is what “Ielīcas” is like. The 18th- 19th century Vidzeme farmstead “Ielīcas” is a cultural monument of national importance and its revival started in 2006.

In the construction of a number of buildings, only one tool was used – an axe. Thus the buildings reflect a 300- 400 year long period in the development of Latvian construction traditions. This unique farmstead includes a full set of the buildings typical of this district: a dwelling house, a bathhouse with a room for hired workers (unfortunately, this cannot be viewed now because it burnt down and is waiting to be reconstructed), a cattle-shed, an outhouse, a stable with storage rooms for fodder, a cart-house and a cellar.

The layout of the buildings is the yard system, typical of northern Vidzeme. The buildings have preserved many ancient construction details – stone corner support foundation, plastered round timber log walls with intersecting corners, log pediments, a constricted construction roof, round timber floor and ceiling.

Festive celebrations and sports events can be organised in the area. It is possible to stay overnight in the dwelling house or tents that visitors have brought with them.

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Last updated: 09.09.2014