Indrica St. John the Baptist's Roman Catholic Church

Indrica has the oldest congregation in Latgale. Their church is more than 200 year old. The building has a small tower above the entrance. The choir stalls have an old-fashioned pipe organ with distinctive woodcarvings. The church has four ornate altars with carvings and old paintings.

  • Indricas baznīca

The church is encircled by a garden and a stone wall covered with a tiled roof. The garden's big larches bend over the final resting place of the Deans Dominiks Golmins, Jānis Kulikovskis, Jānis Kopalinskis, and Jānis Lebedis.

55.848503, 27.331581
  • Languages spoken: 
    • Latvian
    • Russian
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    For donations
  • Payment methods: 
    • Cash
  • Guide service available
Working Hours: 

Monday - closed

Last updated: 01.09.2014