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Istra Narure Park and Vecslabada Castle Mound

An estate built in 19th century, with a vast park on Panu Islet in Lake Istras. Rare species of trees had been planted in the park, and grey herons introduced. The largest lake from those which encircle Vecslabada, and the surrounding landscapes is a complex nature reserve.

This scenic area is part of the Ezernieki Protected Landscape Area. The estate was famous for its outstanding gardener and evening gatherings for artists. Currently the territory of the manor accommodates an old people's home. Lake Istras with its islands is a nature reserve where a large number of bird species can be watched. In the area there are some of the former so-called folwarks – small Polish-owned manors - Konecpole, Annapole, e.a.

An ancient castle mound, 10 m high, rises in the centre of the village of Vecslabada. On top of the hill there stands an abandoned Orthodox church.

56.262611, 27.987328
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