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I.Žagata's Pottery Workshop "Cepļi"

A distinctive tradition of Vidzeme pottery has withstood the test of time, and ceramic artists from "Cepļi" still honour them. The workshop is managed by Ingrīda Žagata, a master of traditional pottery art.

The pottery items, shaped by a master-potter and fired in an open fire kiln, have acquired true value through their unsophisticated expressivity.
Earthenware with its distinctive charm naturally fits in contemporary environments – be it tableware, interior objects, or garden pottery. Excellent craftsmanship and the play of fire in the kiln give the wares their special tints of glaze and a unique character. 

The "Cepļi" pottery workshop was opened in 1985, but since 1996 it has welcomed groups of visitors and everybody interested in the process of creating ceramic items.

At "Cepļi", you can learn about the history of pottery, view a demonstration, join hands-on activities and help the master in taking the wares out of the kiln. Our special offer is an opportunity for families, company groups and individuals to take part in crafting souvenirs on their special events – weddings, christenings, anniversaries, and others. 

The potters of "Cepļi" will gladly welcome the groups of students or adults, and tell and show how a lump of clay is turned into a beautiful vessel or a household item. You will have a chance to give it a try!

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Activities for children
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Free parking
WiFi Internet
Informācijas punkts
Access for disabled people

On Riga-Tallinn road, 46 km from Riga.

57.39980315498922, 24.433527274304154
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