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Jaunmoku Castle

The castle was built in 1910 as the hunting lodge of the Mayor of Riga, G.Armitstead. The castle houses a 3 star hotel, premises for holding seminars and festive events for 10 – 400 persons, wedding ceremonies, and parties, tours for newlyweds, a museum, and a picnic site.

During the Second World War, the palace was used both by Russian and German armed forces. At the begging of the War, palace served as a school for Russian sergeants, then – as a German transmitting station, but at the end of the War, it was a German war hospital. After the War palace was used for offices, movie theatre, shops and apartments.

None of its managers thought any repairs were necessary.

In 1974, when the Ministry of Forestry and Forest Industry took the palace over, it was partially ruined. Renovation works started and went on for more than 20 years.

Improvement works are never-ending, even today. Their aim is to make Jaunmokas palace one of the most significant centres of Latvian national tourism and culture with good development prospects. The palace offers an exhibition about Latvian forestry and hunting in Latvia. The palace houses a well-preserved oven with unique paintings of Riga landscape. Stable hosts a hotel and rooms for different events.

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