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Jēkabpils Orthodox Church of St Nicholas and Holy Spirit

The Orthodox Church called in the name of Saint Nicholas is one of the most valuable attractions on the left bank of the Daugava River. The church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron of travellers and merchants, was built in 1774 from the donations of bargehaulers and raftsmen.

With time the St Nicholas Church was left to the Orthodox Latvians, who endowed it with a typically Gothic-style Western European shape. The church is located in a monastery yard, and is uniquely miniature in size - 17x19.5 m. The monastery fence has been preserved, with its narrow loopholes and a chapel.

The Church of the Holy Spirit has a complicated history. Despite the raging fires of 1878 and 1881, the church remained miraculously intact.

However, a few months after its restoration and ceremonious consecration the church burnt down.

The new church was built in 1886 - 1888 in a Byzantine style with five church steeples. In July 2008 the church retrieved the icon replica of Our Lady Mary the Wonderworker Jakobstadt – a much treasured symbol of the Orthodox Church.

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