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Jelgava Old Town

The oldest built up area of Jelgava, which escaped destruction during the World War Two, is located on the crossing of Dobeles, Vecpilsētas and Jāņa Asara Streets. The residential area was built during the period between the 18th and the19th century and is the urban construction monument of national importance.

From now on, the residents of Jegava and its guests, when visiting the renovated part of the old Jelgava, will not only be able to take a stroll along the narrow stone-paved streets but also receive information on the history of the city and other tourist sites.

The city gateway signs have been installed next to the former tannery, built in 1865, in the place where the gates of the medieval Dobele once stood.

Informative materials about the history and sights of interest have been designed. Following the route that leads into the old town, tourists can visit the art gallery and have a meal in the old town cafe.

Alongside the reconstruction and landscaping of the street sections, an information stand and six information boards have been put up. The information stand in the old town shows tourist sites in Jelgava, but the boards feature Jelgava during various periods of time and outline the old town sightseeing route which includes tourist attractions, an art gallery, and a cafe. The renovated neighbourhood, the old town of Jelgava, now emerges a new tourist site.

Buildings of heritage value and street sections have been restored in a unified style thus highlighting the historical atmosphere of the Old Town of Jelgava.

Jelgava is called the capital of Zemgale Region, its educational and cultural centre. Razed to the ground in the 20th century, burnt down and rebuilt again, it still spreads out over the Zemgale Plains along the banks of the slow running River Lielupe.

Jelgava is a hospitable city that loves its visitors and knows how to welcome them. Disregarding the ravages of war, the city, beside contemporary buildings, has retained the monuments of architecture, culture and nature.

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