Kaives Old Oak

It is the thickest tree in the Baltic Region and also in Eastern Europe. In the 1920s, lightning struck the top of the oak and, thus, only its largest branch has remained. When the oak was in full flourish, the perimeter of its crown was approximately 70 m and it was about 17 m high. The oak is still growing, but it cannot be immediately seen from the motorway.

  • Dižozola stumbrs
  • Photo: R.Beļavskis
  • Kaives Senču ozols
  • Photo: R.Beļavskis
  • Kaives Senču ozols 2004.g. maijā
  • Photo: M. Zeltiņa
  • Kaives Senču ozols 1970. gadā
  • Photo: G. Emiņš

The foot of the oak was considered to be a cult location in ancient times. The people living in the neighbourhood also think that, prior to starting a long journey, one must come to the oak for the journey to be successful.

The tree is included in the list of archaeological monuments as a cult location for ancient Latvians. As an old tree of national significance, it is also included in the list of specially protected objects of nature. At present, the Kaive old oak is the eleventh thickest and the top big oak in the Baltic Region and in Eastern Europe.

There are different thoughts about its actual age – some say it is 800-1000 years old. Its circumference is presently 10.2 metres. The tree can be encompassed by nine persons with outstretched arms.

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