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Kalsnava Arboretum

The Kalsnava Arboretum is the largest collection of woody plants in Eastern Latvia with 2500 different species trees to be viewed from early spring to late autumn.


The Kalsnava Arboretum covers a total area of 143.96 ha, with 99 ha of trees and shrubs. (Arboretum -  in Latin, a collection of trees and shrubs). The arboretum was established in 1975 with the aim of doing research in dendrology and forestry, and building a collection of foreign trees and shrubs to be propagated for further planting. The collection has a notable scientific, educational, economic and recreational significance.

Flowering season

It is only in Kalsnava that one can see such rarities as the tulip tree, the white fringe tree, the Kobushi magnolia; the richest collection of peonies in Latvia is being built up here, and the lilacs are in bloom on the hillside.

You may take a relaxing walk along a "rhododendron trail" in the pine forest. You can cross the pond over a bridge, and, seeing a riot of colours of water lilies in bloom, make a colourful wish! 

What's more, the Kalsnava Arboretum is a miraculous garden blossoming all the year round. Yes, do not be surprised, even in October - then the witch-hazel blooms.

But in spring you can certainly say that the garden is crazy in bloom. Then people walk around the arboretum somewhat dizzy from the sweet aromas and a little confused by the bright colours and strange shapes of trees uncommon for Latvia.  If you wish to delight in trees blossoming and growing and to notice things you do not see on everyday basis, welcome to he Kalsnava Arboretum.

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