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Kaltene rocky beach and bird-watching tower

The unusual scenery on Kaltene beach is due to major boulders that cover the beach, against the contrasting backdrop of tall pine trees in the dunes.

Rocky beach                           

At Kaltene Village, the shore is covered by large boulders – there are just a couple such seaside sceneries in Latvia. Also on the beach, you will see the largest sea boulder in Latvia - Grili Boulder that is 2.4 m high and 15 m in circumference. There are entire hills and mountains made of boulders in Kaltene seaside forests, which are called kalvas by locals. There are no such phenomena anywhere else along Latvia’s shoreline.

A local fishermen met on the beach knows exactly how the unique scenery was created: “A long time ago, the devil was carrying stones from Sweden to Talsi to build a hill, but it was taking him too long and he couldn’t do it by sunrise. As a rooster in Kaltene started crowing, the devil just dropped the stones where he was standing.”

Hike on nature trails and view some birds!

For visitors’ convenience, there are nature trails in Kaltene kalvi. There are several routes available, the shortest is approximately 800 m and the longest 1.5 km. Those who take the Kaltene birdwatching trail, approximately 800 m long, will learn a lot about the birds that live in Latvia or stay here during the migration period. At one point along the trail, there is an observation platform and tower, featuring stands to inform the less-experienced visitors about bird species and the environments they live in. The spring and the latter half of the summer is the best time to visit Kaltene nature trail with the birdwatching tower, as it is located close to the areas where birds feed and moult, but this is also a good place to visit in winter – provided that the sea is not frozen over.

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