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Kalvene Zoo "Cīruļi"

Excellent recreation in the countryside among interesting, exotic and forest animals. Sharp-eyed visitors will definitely encounter tree-frogs in “Cīruļi”.  The Zoo has the largest herd of kiangs kept in captivity in the world, as well as brown bears, wolverines, wolves, lynxes, wild boars, Latvian blue cows and other domestic animals.

 This is an excellent place for family recreation. In 2005 domestic llamas from South America joined the team of the "Cīruļi" Zoo residents.  In their home land, these llamas are used to carrying packs.

These animals may be viewed from the observation tower - café from where there is a good view on the surrounding area.Including the Grobiņas wind generator park.

Kalvene’s Zoo is located 55 km from Liepāja. Riga - Liepāja motorway 186 km.

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