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Kandava District Museum

The Kandava District Museum introduces the visitor to the former mayors of the town of Kandava and their contribution to the growth of the town. The display also presents a unique collection of telephones, an exhibition on the development of postal services in Kurzeme, and "The Red Corner" – a collection of Soviet era symbols. The museum offers also excursions through its exposition, in the town and the district.

From 1921 to 1939 the building accommodated a German elementary school, and from 1950 onwards, a department of the State Bank of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic that has left behind a unique safe deposit box. The museum displays on permanent basis an exposition titled "To Our Native Town", the stories about the development of telephone and postal services in Kurzeme, as well as "The Red Corner" which allows a flashback to Soviet times.

The museum has under its wing the Club of the Politically Repressed, the Tēvzemes Daugavas Vanagi association, the NGO Centre, the Information Technology Centre. The museum holds various themed events in association with other organisations and institutions. The museum offers guide services both in the museum and in the Kandava District and the Abava Valley.

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