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Kaņepe Culture Centre

Kaņepe Culture Centre is located in a building over one hundred years old that has witnessed conversions by Baltic Germans and Russian aristocracy, as well as events by Latvian Bohemians in the interwar period. For almost fifty years, the building housed a music school, but now it has regained its Bohemian aura.

The building is enclosed by a yard and has a terrace, particularly popular during the summer.

Kaņepe Culture Centre hosts experimental, indie and world music concerts featuring local and foreign artists. On weekends, deejays take the stage to set the mood for parties and dancing.

The culture centre frequently stages various thematic activities and events.

Kaņepe Culture Centre’s second floor is room to the “Kino Bize” (Film Braid), where independent films, new art films and classics from all over the world are screened.

They are often preceded or succeeded by the opportunity to meet with film makers, participate in discussion sessions and enjoy lectures.

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