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Kārsava Orthodox Church (1912)

The Kārsava congregation was established in 1911 both for the reasons of a mission, and due to the remote location, as the closest Orthodox churches were those in Mērdzene (now - Pudinava) at 11 km, in Goliševa at 23 km, and in Korovka at 24 km from Kārsava.

The newly established congregation attracted also a part of the members of Mērdzene church community, and the Orthodox believers from Kārsava and Gauri – a total of 1500 people. In 1911, a temporary venue for worship was opened and an altar was built in the Kāŗsava Parish school. As early as in 1910, a committee for the coordination of building works was set up under the leadership of G.Timjānis. The committee collected funds in Russia, and within a year and a half, raised 25 thousand rubles in addition to 15 thousand allocated by the State Treasury.

  In 1912, those funds were used to build homes for the priest and the chief chanter on 2 ha of land of the Malnava estate. In 1917-1918, the parish priest A.Vīckops had the house reconstructed into a church (14 x 83m) and dedicated the church to St. Euphrosyne of Polatsk. In 1932-1939, under the auspices of priest D.Zaharov and the congregation Council, the church belfry and cupola were reconstructed, a cross was installed above the altar, the building was sheathed with boards and painted, a fence was built and young trees planted. As of 1 January 1938, the congregation had 1705 members, 30 of them Latvian. In its territory there was the Kārsava Gymnasium and four elementary school, attended also by 338 children from Orthodox families who were taught a 40 week course of religious education.

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