Ķegums Cross Hill

The first and central cross was installed on the hill-top on 20 July 1997, on the initiative of Inta Brokāne. The cross was carried in front of a procession which went on that day from Rembate to Ķegums.

  • Ķegums Cross Hill
  • Photo: From the archives of the VTA

The cross was put up on a hill east of the Ķegums cemetery. The place was not initially intended to be a hill of the cross, but a venue for the gatherings of Christians as there was no church in Ķegums. In the course of time, more crosses were placed on the hill, and now a cross procession is held here in June each year. Healers believe this to be an ancient sacred site. 

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    Meža iela, Ķegums district, Ķegums, LV-5020
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