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kim? contemporary art center

Latvian Contemporary Art Museum’s pilot project kim? is an environment where one can feel and think - the eternal search for oneself and meaning in the world via works of art.

kim? contemporary art center since 2009 resides in a 19th century warehouse building at the distinctive Riga Central Market. More than 140 exhibitions of Latvian and foreign artists have been held since the center opened.

What is art?

The name of kim? is an abbreviation of ''kas ir maksla?'' (“what is art?”) in Latvian. The contemporary art center blends public opinion, ideas and the innovators behind these ideas. Artists, theoreticians, curators, translators, philosophers and museums are concurrent components of kim? in creating art, theory and discussion. Questions and answers about what art is are often heard in the museum, and kim? has been created to ensure more questions and answers, that they are always meaningful and dynamic.

kim? offers:

  • Exhibitions of Latvian and foreign artists;
  • Regular open lectures;
  • Seminars, readings and discussions;
  • Performances within the warehouse walls and outside;
  • A reading room and publications.

kim? does not want the museum to be a collection of ready-made answers, a place where one can go to learn something, instead, it should be a place to go think, question every given answer, perhaps nearing the truth.

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