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Koknese Lutheran Church

The church was built in 1687 and restored in 1731. In 1887 the money for church renovation was donated by the landlords of Koknese and Stukmaņi estates, to whom the church owns its present-day steeple.

In 1883 the church organ underwent reconstruction and was expanded. The altar painting "Christ’s Elucidation" (by prof. E. von Gebhard) was donated by the Koknese landlord’s wife E. von Loewenstern in 1897.

The interior is decorated with paintings by the artist A. Dobenbergs. After the ravages of World War I and restoration work sermons were resumed in 1920. E. Gliks, known for having translated the Bible into Latvian, served as a priest here.

For some time the church was housing the History and Art Museum of Aizkraukle.

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Koknese district, Koknese parish, Blaumaņa iela 1, LV-5113
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