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Kronvalda Park

A facilitated green area in the city located on both banks of the city’s canal, next to the Riga Congress Center, with more than 100 species of foreign trees and bushes.

In Kronvalda Park you can:

  • Go on a leisurely walk by the canal;
  • See the color-changing fountain on warm summer nights;
  • Spend time actively with your children in the playground;
  • Jog in the park;
  • Have a meal or take a rest from the everyday rush with a cup of coffee in Brivosta (Freeport) café -  feeling as if on the deck of a ship;
  • See monuments to Latvian writer Andrejs Upitis, painter Ernests Brastins, Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the monument to the first Latvian theater, busts of Latvian writer Sudrabu Edzus and Soviet functionary Arvids Pelse, as well as a piece of the Berlin Wall;
  • Enjoy the unusual architecture of the Chinese Pavilion and Kergalvis’ Pavilion;
  • Feed the ducks that spend winter in the canal;
  • Attend culture events at the Riga Congress Center.

Development of the park

The park’s beginnings date back to when Riga’s dykes were dismantled in 1863; initially it was a Riflemen Garden, closed to the public, on the right bank of the canal with the society house and a shooting ground. Twenty years later, Riga’s landscape architect Georg Kuphaldt developed the garden’s layout, significantly expanding it with trees and shrubs.

In the early 20th century, the park was opened and Riga’s landscape architect Andrejs Zeidaks started development of a new landscape park by introducing large perennial flower beds and groups of blossoming bushes; the park’s straightened paths were placed geometrically, and the park was named after Atis Kronvalds, a prominent member of the patriotic intellectuals group known as the New Latvians Movement.

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