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Kubali school-museum

The museum operates with a mission to maintain and preserve Kubali schoolyard and its surroundings with regard to its historical importance and use, to supplement and develop the museum’s exposition, and to foster the research of local history within the historical borders of the Dundaga district.

For 28 years it remained the first and only school for peasant children in the Dundaga estate. It is the oldest log school in Kurzeme which has been preserved until nowadays. In 13 May 1972 it became a museum dedicated to Ernests Dinsbergs. Since 1992 the museum has been funded by Dundaga county, which is the historical proprietor of the school facilities and its land.

Initially the school consisted of two classrooms.

The museum displays the classroom interior which was typical for the late 19th century as well as the samples of essays written by the Kubali School pupils (mid-19th century).

The exposition also includes textbooks used in rural schools at that time, as well as a musical instrument called harmonia. A separate section is dedicated to the most esteemed pupils of the school: Krišjānis Barons (folklorist, writer), Fricis Dravnieks (teacher, writer).

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