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Lake Zebrus and vicinity

Lake Zebrus is suitable for fishing and boat rides, but pedestrian paths and bike routes are erected in the vicinity. The writer Karlis Ievins named it fabulous and described in a poetic novel „ At fabulous lake”.

The area of this legendary lake is 412 ha, the average depth – 1,5 m. The lake is popular among anglers. Lake Zebrus is one of the rare ones where zanders live.  The recreation complex „ Niedras”, as well as the boat station of the SC „ Latvian State Forests” stand on its bank where cabins and boats can be rented. There you can also find the sightseeing tower, comfortable beach, shed, and a place for a log-fire.

The area is densely covered by woods and it has many interesting sites which can be reached along the pedestrian paths, by car or bike.  

Ezerluki castle mound, which is approximately 30 m high, is situated on the eastern bank of Lake Zebrus. It is a partly overgrown, separately standing hillock in the middle of a field. The hillside leding to Lake Zebrus is very steep. In olden times a stately castle of ancient Latvians stood rising on Ezerluki castle mound.  Stories tell about Gods or Priests Road – a long and rocky ford - leading from Elku Hill on the other bank of the lake to the castle. Priests would use this road to hide in Ezerlūķi castle in case of emergency. The steep bank of the lake and springs can be found near the castle.

Between Lake Svete and Lake Zebrus about 20 m above the marshy vicinity rises Elku hill. In ancient times, when the water level was much higher and both lakes were connected, an island was there. Elku hill is considered to be the site of worshipping and sacrifice of ancestral gods. An assumption exists that the central place or worshipping of the inhabitants of Zemgale was situated there. Pedestrian and bike paths will take you also to Krievkalni, Big Vipedes Lake, Slaguna school, Cibeni sacrificial and other original objects. 

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