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Lamprey weirs

Lamprey is a special delicacy for many gourmets, however, lamprey fishing is not so common in the world.Nowadays only in Salacgriva the weirs are still used for lamprey fishing - a unique fishing technique with a centuries old history.The first Salaca lamprey weir is a special construction footbridge crossing the river closest to the sea mouth, approximately 800m.

Lamprey pot traps are immersed in the stream of the river from the weir and the fishing begins.Each year before the season starts fishermen set up the weir anew.It is built according to the ancient methods from fir lumber prepared over several years.The supports of the weir are driven into the bottom of the river by kurkis (a special 16 kg hammer) and his activity is called "punching down the weir”.To ensure that a fisherman can walk on the weir, the surface of the weir is covered with a 30-40cm wide footbridge.The weir is set up in almost the whole width of the river, while pot traps are only set along half of it.Lamprey fishing uses 70 pot traps – both big and small – at the same time.The small pot traps are especially suited for daily immersing and taking out, while standing on the footbridge of the weir.The small pot traps are immersed in the evening and taken out at dawn – both in winter and summer.The big pot traps are put into the weir and monitored using a boat, when the river is not covered with ice.

However, it is possible to view a movie in the lodge on lamprey fishing and extreme situations in all seasons.

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