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Latvian Museum of Architecture

The Latvian Museum of Architecture is located in one of the three oldest buildings in Riga, also known by locals as the Three Brothers. The museum is a research and exhibition centre, promoting Latvia’s architectural heritage.

Museum Collection

The Museum of Architecture Fund has over 11,000 units. Even though the museum does not have a permanent exposition, its collection is completely digitized and available to the public. The museum possesses many original blueprints, drawings, designs, drafts - as well as their copies. By organizing exhibitions and issuing publications, the museum gives the public an idea about the development of contemporary architecture and promotes understanding of the role of Latvian architectural heritage in world culture.

Getting to know Latvian architecture

  • Visit the Latvian Museum of Architecture’s exhibition hall, where regular exhibits on architecture history and contemporary architectural processes are presented.
  • Visit the foyer of three oldest buildings in Riga called the Three Brothers, which after their reconstruction in the 20th century now feature a model room decorated in the style of the 15th to 18th centuries, as well as a restored fireplace with a chimney piece. The courtyard of the building complex has various valuable building objects displayed, taken from razed or crumbling Old Town edifices
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