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Latvian Museum of Fire Service

The Museum of Fire Service is located at 5 Hanzas Str. in Riga in an Art Nouveau building erected in 1910, designed by architect Reinhold Georg Schmeling. The museum was opened in 1978. Its exposition renders the history of Latvian fire service from mid-19th century up to nowadays.

The first floor of the history section displays late 19th-century and early 20th-century fire fighter uniforms, helmets, tools, their awards, hand- and mechanical pumps, and the fire fighter vehicle “Chevrolet Six". The second-floor exposition follows the development of fire service from 1940s until the present day -  it contains signaling devices and fire extinguishers, the rescue service uniforms and equipment, and information about the most devastating fires and other calamities of the recent years.


The Hall of Fame preserves the memory of fire fighters who have died on their duty. It also keeps record of awarded firemen and keeps the flags of both the State Fire and Rescue Service and the Latvian Museum of Fire Service. Museum visitors can learn practical skills in fire-extinguishing, participate in different quizes and watch documentary videos. A museum excursion includes a glimpse of the fire and rescue equipment located in the Special Technical Unit of the State Fire and Rescue Service.

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