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Latvian Museum of Naive Art

In the fall of 2006, the Latvian Museum of Naive Art was established in Riga’s Andrejsala district, and now is  located in a floating art gallery BETANOVUSS on AB Dam.

Until now the museum’s collection has been formed from donations and private collections handed over to the museum for storage for indefinite time, and some works have been purchased.

 At present the museum’s main collection, that has been included also in Latvia’s national collection, consists of 179 naive art masterpieces, and more than 900 works and photo-reproductions have been included in the museum’s ancillary collection.

As the museum’s goal is to collect, preserve, study and promote naive art, the museum’s collection is constantly increasing, including new naive art authors and their works.

There is a cafe with an outdoor terrace

Museum’s mission

The Latvian Museum of Naive Art wants to develop awareness about naive art’s cultural processes and demonstrate its significance and singularity. The museum and its team calls on Latvian residents to become aware of the colorful heritage of the Latvian naive art by presenting its unique values and most important features with original works.

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