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Latvian National Theater

The theater, where the independence of Latvia was proclaimed in 1918, emphasizes national values as its guiding light. Top rate productions daily, tours of the building, and a popular venue for various cultural events.

At the National:

  • Enjoy original Latvian theater productions and revivals of classics with high stature actors
  • Attend a Latvian cultural or art event
  • Rent out a theater costume for your special event
  • Take a guided tour of the building and see what takes place behind the scenes, as well as hear the history

Operation of the theater

The aim of the Latvian National Theater company is to bring to audiences educational and entertaining theater arts and cultural happenings. The theater focuses mainly on national playwrights and usually produces shows based on the personality of the actors. The company also strives to address the audience about current human and social problems using the language of theater.

Home of the theater

The ornate edifice that is home to the National Theater company had its grand opening in 1902.

Designed specifically for the theater arts by Augusts Reinbergs, it is a prime example of the Eclecticism style and is an architectural and cultural landmark of national importance.

History of the Latvian National Theater

The building initially housed the Riga City 2nd Theater [Riga Russian Theater], later for a short period – the Workers' Theater company. The founding of the Latvian National Theater occurred in the fall of 1919. During the years of Soviet occupation, it was given the name: Andrejs Upitis’ Latvian SSR State Academic Drama Theater. In 1988, the company regained its original name.

Independent Latvia

After the end of World War I, when occupying Germany forces were still in Latvia, the National Theater building was the scene of a crucial moment in Latvian history – the proclamation of a free and independent Latvian nation on November 18, 1918. That day, People’s Council member Gustavs Zemgals [later President] announced that state power is being transferred over to the People’s Council and for the first time God Bless Latvia! was sung as the official national anthem of the new nation.

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