Latvian National Theatre

Latvian National Theatre was established a year after the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, namely, on 30 November 1919.

  • Latvian National Theatre
  • Photo: G. Janaitis
  • Latvian National Theatre
  • Photo: G. Janaitis
  • Latvian National Theatre
  • Photo: G. Janaitis
  • Latvian National Theatre
  • Photo: G. Janaitis

In 1919, the poet Jānis Akurāters gave an opening speech at the National Theatre as the Director of Art Department, Ministry of Education, characterising the role and significance of the National Theatre in the State so precisely that his words seem appropriate when outlining guidelines and tasks of the Theatre today as well, “Together with political victories and freedom we also gain the freedom of our culture and art. The life of our nation has been very difficult, and if we consider our history, we actually have to start wondering at how we, as a nation, have kept our peculiarity and spirit alive. What protected us? It was our art. National theatres play an enormous role. Why do we need it and what good will it give us? First of all, a national theatre is responsible for bringing to light and showing our nation’s aesthetic and ethical values.  Here we recognise ourselves as a nation in order to become more complete. But a national theatre also has to show awe-inspiring ideals and great examples in foreign literature. Thus we, as a nation, will prove that we understand them and are worth to stand beside. And a national theatre will show the extent to which we understand them.”      

The specific nature or place of the National Theatre in the whole picture of Latvian theatres has formed over decades and is characterised by

    * firstly, assiduous attention paid to the national drama;
    * secondly, performances staged taking into consideration personalities of great actors and creation of bright biographies of these actors;
    * thirdly, efforts to address the audience showing its time and general human and social problems in a today’s theatre language.

The National Theatre stages performances for a wide range of audiences in accordance with the basic task of the National Theatre, i. e., ensure a versatile repertoire and differential ticket price policy allowing all people to see the performances.

One of the most successful traditions that has been established in cooperation with audiences over the years and has stood the test of time is a system of season tickets, which is artistically and financially beneficial guarantee. Firstly, it ensures a possibility to see the latest performances within a certain period after their premieres, and, secondly, it helps to establish going to a theatre performance as one’s cultural life or family tradition.

The Theatre offers discount tickets for different social groups, as well as special deals.

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