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Liepāja is an ancient city on the Baltic Sea east coast, located between the sea and Liepāja Lake, where people have been living for more than 750 years. Liepāja is a city of music and culture.

Liepāja is a city of contrasts.  We offer you the simplest way to see Liepāja and to acquaint yourself with the most recognised sightseeing objects of the city.

Route “Liepāja kā pa notīm!" ("Liepāja - notes to follow!"). This is the simplest way to see Liepāja and get to know its most important tourist sites. You can start the city tour at the Tourism Information Bureau, or in any other place where you see a music note painted on the street.

The booklet and the map can be found at the Tourism Information Bureau, Rožu laukums 5/6.

Participate in the Liepāja music festivals "International Piano Stars Festival", "International Organ Music Festival" and "Summer Sound Liepāja", or other music events offered by the city’s music clubs. On sunny days, the excellent “Blue Flag” beach, the Port Promenade and the Walk of Fame of Latvian Musicians await you, and on cloudy ones – bowling, cafes or the Liepāja Theatre. Liepāja is a city that inspires and here you will find comfortable hotels, stylish cafes and cosy taverns.

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