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Liepāja Promenade

Once a restricted territory, the promenade is now a place for pleasant strolls. The highest point, reached by a wooden walkway, overlooks the port with its small ships, yachts and a fountain designed like a wave rolling towards the shore in the Trading Canal. Illuminated in colourful lights, it looks special at night. A count of time on the Promenade is kept by the Amber Clock.

The development of the quayside promenade in a recent past features several distinctive milestones. In 2001, Radio iela was opened to lead onto quayside. In 2002-2003, the first stage of the promenade building works was carried out according to the project by "Arhis". In 2004, the Amber Clock, a sculpture by Olga Šilova and Roberts Riekstiņš was unveiled. To create it, the artists had used about 50 liters of amber pieces donated by Liepāja people.

Also in 2004, the project for restoring a section of the Old Quayside, criticised by skeptics, and the Amber Clock came first in the architectural works competition in the category of "Landscape, Garden, Public Space Improvement, Environmental Design".
Thus some years ago the local authority opened the two first side streets leading to the quayside, a closed territory during the Soviet era. The Promenade stretches but for 200 m – about one third of the area yet to be upgraded, that is, from Radio iela to Loču (Pilots') Tower.

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