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Liepaja Promenade

During the Soviet-era, the Liepaja Canal was off-limits to civilians, however, during the past 10 years it has become a lively area, full of hustle and bustle.

The Liepaja Promenade is a section of the Liepaja Canal stretching about 200 meters, connecting Lake Liepaja with the Baltic Sea. It is the perfect place for a stroll, from where Liepaja Port’s piers and historical warehouses can be seen, as well as ships and yachts. In the evenings, when the sunset glistens on the docked vessels, the atmosphere is especially pleasant, and the sound of music is heard in the background, while at the same time watching people, cats and sea-gulls go on leisurely with their daily routine. 

Amber Clock

In 2003, the residents of Liepaja donated over 50 liters of amber pieces to create a four-meter high sand-form clock, which now stands tall and proud at the promenade, and symbolically lets tourists know the time they have enjoyed in Liepaja.


Go for a walk, enjoy the music which can be heard from Fontaine Palace nightclub and dine in one of the hotel restaurants located on the promenade!

Art, culture and music

Promenade Hotel, which has been built in a historical port warehouse, features an art gallery in its vestibule, where local artists display their works.

Each year, one of the country’s largest traditional culture festivals is held on the promenade – Livas Ciems (Liiv Village). The festival combines ethnic music, as well as traditional culture, art and trade. Participating in the festival each year are over 200 arts and craftsmen from all over Latvia.

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