Līgatne Ferry crossing over the Gauja River

The Līgatne ferry is the only remaining ferry across the Gauja River. In the 17th century there were nine ferries across the Gauja River to ensure convenient communication with Estonia and Russia. In the 20s – 30s of the last century, apart from the Valmiera and Siļķu ferries mentioned already, in the olden times, such devices were the main way of crossing rivers in Latvia.

  • Ligatne ferry crossing over Gauja
  • Photo: Ruska

The ferry-boat is formed of two wooden boats placed parallel according to the catamaran principle and connected by means of boards. A cable stretched across a river prevents the ferry from being carried down the river, and the ferry is transferred from one bank to the other by using the energy of the stream. 

The ferry is closed if the water level in the Gauja is too high or low, as well as when the river is frozen in winter. Further information about the ferry may be obtained at the Līgatne Nature Trails Visitors Centre or Ligatne Tourism information centre.

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Last updated: 09.09.2014