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Līksna paths

In 1999 the people of the rural municipality created a recreational path in the territory of the Līksna Park that gets extended every year. Walking along the Līksna path, one can see not only a number of established paths, but also discover that Emilia Plater walked along this same path.

Emilia Plater (1806 Vilnius - 1831 Kapčiamiestis) is a Polish and Lithuanian national heroine, who lived at Līksna manor from 1815.  In command of patriot troops in Latgale and in Lithuania, she was preparing to attack the Daugavpils Garrison, and died before her time in the Polish uprising in the winter of 1831. When on the Līskna paths, one can swing on the largest Easter swing and reach the manor’s little spring.

Walking further along the path, one arrives at the “Pie Pēterīša” recreation site with large benches and a fire place. The path then takes the visitor into civilized “jungles”, and gives an opportunity to sit in a “wigwam”. The path continues onwards to the site of the former Līksna Manor where fragments of the manor’s ruins are guarded by a pair of storks. An architectural monument is also located here – the Līksna Manor’s Chapel. The length of the path is 1 km.

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