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Liv (Kuiķuļi) Sacrificial Caves by Svētupe

The Liv Sacrificial Caves are located next to the Kuiķuli homestead on the right bank of the River Svētupe 10 km east of Salacgrīva. This is one of the longest caves in Latvia, in Mid-Devonian sandstone. The length of the main passage including branches is 47 m long, but the shortest passage stretches for 19.5 m. In places, the cave’s chamber is only 0.3 m high.

Here, ancient signs carved into sandstone were found for the first time in Latvia. The oldest dated inscription in Latvia – 1664, has been preserved in the cave. In 1973, J. Urtāns revealed that sacrifices had been made here from the 14th to the 19th century. He found ancient magic symbols on the cave walls - incubus crosses, the Jumis sign, straight and sloping crosses and others.

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Salacgrīva district, Salacgrīvas lauku teritorija
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