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Livoniam Museum "Pivalind"

Staicele belongs to the ancient county of Metsepole (‘motsa’- forest, ‘pūol’ – side, forestside); written sources testify that as early as 12-13 cent. this was an area inhabited by a Finnic people Livonians. The Livonian Museum in Staicele is located in one of the oldest log buildings, built in 1870. The interior features walls and ceiling characteristic of a log house. A large heating stove in the middle of the room has probably been crafted by Livonian master builders.

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The "Pivalind" (transl. "holy bird") Livonian Museum works together with the local community on research and studies of the cultural and historical values of Staicele and the surrounding rural area, the connections to the former Livonian Metsepole and its people from ancient times till present. Being aware that today's events and things is the history of tomorrow.

The museum displays old objects one used by the people in the surroundings of Staicele, various tools, musical instruments, landscapes by locally born painters who have lovingly depicted the scenic nature of Staicele.

The museum by numerous beautiful handcraft items, produced with painstaking care, that delight the viewer with their lovely ornament, bright colours and amazing precision. The visitors are introduced to the Livonian history and traditions, best preserved in Vidzeme region, for instance, Mārtiņdiena (Martinmas) celebrations. One can also leaf through the Livonian Primer, and get to know placenames around Staicele and their Livonian roots.


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