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Ludza Historical Centre

A state-protected monument of town planning and architecture. Low-rise development, wooden housing characteristic of the 19th century Latgale; a former marketplace.

Guides from the Ludza Local History Museum will take you on a tour around this area. The borders of the historical centre are as follows: the street along the East side of Jurizdika castle mound as far as Kr.Barona iela; along Kr.Barona iela to Tālavijas iela, and from there – to Tirgus iela; the odd number side of Tālavijas iela as far as Stacijas iela; the odd number side of Stacijas iela as far as Small Ludza Lake; a vector across the lake as a continuation of Stacijas iela, as far as J.Soikāna iela; along J.Soikāna iela to the territory of the Ludza Museum and as far as the bank of Big Ludza Lake; along the bank of the lake till Odu iela; Odu iela along the eastern side of Jurizdika castle mound as far as Lauku iela.

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