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Mākoņkalns Hill and Volkenberg Castle Ruins

Mākoņkalns a.k.a. Padebešu Hill ( 248 m AMSL) rises like a hedgehog's rounded back not far from the southern coast of Lake Rāzna, standing out above the comparatively flat surrounding landscape. Mākoņkalns has a considerable relative height – 60 m and very steep slopes.

The legend has it that after the owner's death, the entire vast Volkenberg estate was divided among his daughters – Rose inherited Rēzekne, Ludza was bequeathed to Lucia, and Viļaka went to Maria. Over the time, the once mighty stronghold decayed and fell into ruin. 

Fragments of the great stone wall and a caved-in underground passage is all that remains of the castle today. The hill overlooks a picturesque landscape with Lake Rāzna, but at the very foot of the hill there lies the small, clear lake Ubagova which the people call Latgale's clear eye.

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