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Marinzeja Manor Ensemble

The Marinzeja Manor on the bank of the Marinzeja Lake is the summer retreat of a German Count von der Borgh. His family, originally from Italy, owned extensive landed property in Latgale. Borgh's main residence was at Varakļāni, and he gave the manors at Barkava, Atašiene and Varakļāni as gift to his sons.

The Marinzeja (originally Mariensee) manor house, now accommodating Brothers Skride Atašiene Secondary School, was built between 1845 and 1847 in the classicism style. The manor house was built by Joseph Kasimir Peter Michael Count von der Borgh (1804-1881).

Joseph von der Borgh was married to a noble lady Emma Holinska, a relative of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's wife. The count's father, the owner of the Varakļāni Manor, was Michael von der Borgh, a researcher, author and collector.

Over the central section of the house once stood a belvedere turret, which was destroyed during World War II and was never restored. The building still has the original stoves and a part of the interior decoration. A landscape park, laid out by the Count himself, extends along the lake behind the house and gradually merges into woodland.

Krustpils district, Atašiene parish, Atašiene, LV-5211
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