Melluži open-air stage

The name of the district „Melluži” is known already from the 17th century – in 1963 a tavern „Melluži” was opened here. The land was owned by the Duke fon Firks and when in 1827 Carl fon Firks built a kurhouse here, the place was called Carlsbad II.

During World War I the kurhouse burnt and later on this place a park „Melluži” was made. In 1930 in the park a wooden concert stage was built, where not only concerts but also plays took place. Now Melluži stage is one of the two remained acoustic wooden „shells” in the Baltics of the beginning of 20th century.

56.962852, 23.727423
  • Languages spoken: 
    • English
    • Latvian
    • Russian
Amenities and Features: 
  • Access for disabled people
  • Free parking
Last updated: 22.08.2014