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Mežotne Palace

Mežotne Palace is one of the brightest examples of classicism architecture in Latvia, and it is even more significant due to the carefully planned and harmonious landscape around it merging the palace, its expressive auxiliary buildings, the beautiful park, the nearby Lielupe River, and the picturesque landscape over the river in a unified ensemble.

In the distant past Mežotne was a stronghold of ancient Semigallians, but the history of the Mežotne manor dates back to the era of Duke Jacob in the middle of the 17th century.

In 1795, the Russian Empress Catherine II transferred the Mežotne estate to the governess of her grandchildren Charlotte von Lieven for lifelong use. Few years later Czar Paul I made Mežotne an heirloom of Lievens and made the child-minder Countess.

The present building of Mežotne Palace was constructed from 1797 to 1802 according to the design of Italian architect Giaccomo Quarenghi. During the agrarian reform of 1920, Lievens lost the estate of Mežotne Palace, and thus the house accommodated an agricultural school. The palace buildings were partially destroyed during World War II. The palace was saved from devastation by restoration works initiated under the care of the Mežotne Plant Breeding and Testing Station.

Mežotne boasts an English style landscape park based on natural beauty. The park has three parts – a parade yard, a summer park and a winter park. There is a natural ravine separating the summer park from the winter park. One of the main paths leads along the river offering lovely views across the river. The other path leads by the east part of the park, and there is a small hill creating an optical illusion enhancing the feeling of space in the middle of the park.

Today the Mežotne Palace is a home for a hotel and it offers premises for conferences, banquets and weddings undertaking diverse wedding services as well.  

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