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Miķela lighthouse

Miķeļbāka lighthouse, which is 62 metres high, was built in 1884 and is the highest lighthouse in the Baltic region.

Finally it became so dangerous that in 1932 it was brought down. The next tower was blown up during World War Two in 1941, and in 1957 the Miķeļbāka lighthouse got its current appearance. In the vicinity of it, the Miķeļtornis Lutheran Church, built in 1893, is located.

Furthermore, in the ancient Liv settlement, which was earlier referred to as Piza, the lighthouse was not called the Piza Tower, but Mikhail’s lighthouse, as its task was to warn sailors about the shallow place with the same name.

Later, the name was Latvianised into Miķeļbāka, and also Miķeļtornis.

To climb up the lighthouse, considerable efforts are required, as at times some steps are higher and some are lower.

Tārgale parish, Miķeļtornis
57.599770, 21.974450
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