Munchausen museum

The Munchausen museum is one of the most visited ones in Latvia.  There are only two Munchausen museums in the world – one in Bodenwerden, Germany, and the other in the Liepupe Parish of Dunte. In the exposition, you can see materials about the life of Munchausen in Dunte, household items of the 18th century, as well as an exhibition of wax figures featuring prominent personalities from Latvian history.

  • Minhauzena muzejs
  • Minhauzena muiža
  • Jakobīnes istaba
  • Meža taka
Minhauzena muzejs
  • Minhauzena muzejs
Minhauzena muzejs
  • Minhauzena muzejs
Minhauzena muzejs
  • Minhauzena muzejs
Minhauzena muzejs
  • Minhauzena muzejs

A romantic forest trail leads from the castle to the sea and the estate’s duck ponds have been restored. Munchausen's museum is located at the picturesque seaside of Vidzeme in Dunte, 8 km from Saulkrasti.  The museum revives the legend of Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchausen, better known as Baron Munchausen. In the manor house of Dunte in Vidzeme, he spent the happiest six years of his life together with his wife Jacobine.  Local people have been telling tales of Munchausen for centuries there.

Dunte is a special place in Latvia. The sea meets the woods there, in winter horses are tied to church spires and it takes a single shot to kill ten ducks. In the room of Munchausen's wife Jacobine you will find a real corner of the 18th century ladies paradise, and Baron Munchausen will meet you with a dozen fresh game birds hunted down with a single shot.

On the ground floor of the museum, you can see Munchausen's Hall of Fame - wax figures of many former and current celebrities have found shelter on the first floor.  Everyone can take a picture with Maestro Raimonds Pauls or basketball star Uljana Semjonova or have a chat with Kārlis Ulmanis and Dainis Tēvs.

Munchausen's trail on the museum’s territory is 5.3 km long and reaches the sea. It is the longest footbridge made of aspen planks in Europe. It takes one and a half hours to cover the long forest trail. Alternatively, a shorter trail - 3.17 km long awaits you.  You can take the weight off your legs either in "Jacobine's garden", at a "take the weight off legs" place or in many comfortable places fitted with wooden benches.

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