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Museum of Latvian Agriculture in Talsi

Museum of Latvian Agriculture introduces to the development of agriculture, managing farms and the life in the Latvian countryside since the end of the 19th century till nowadays. The museum has practically everything that has some connection with land, managing a farm and farmsteads.

The state institution “Museum of Latvian Agriculture” was established in 2003, adding the Museum of Latvian Land Reclamation and Agriculture to the Museum of Agricultural Machinery “Kaleji”, which had a vast collection of land reclamation goods, a collection of valuable geodesy tools, many photographic documents, drainage plans, maps and notes of drainage specialists.
The collection has:
    - Various machinery for land machining, cultivation, harvesting and processing.
    - Tools, devices and products of rural craftsmen – blacksmith and carpenter.

    - Household equipment and useful items.
    - Transport – cars, motorcycles, carriages.
    - Things necessary for land survey and reclamation: geodesy tools, maps, drainage plans, land reclamation equipment, drains.
    - Large collection of documents and photographs
    - Books and other printed matter.

Museum's library has a significant collection of books. And not just about agriculture. The sources of information in various fields will be handy to all interested persons, especially for pupils and students for learning and research.
Agriculture in Latvia, the life and work of farmers is revealed through the items exhibited in the Museum of Latvian Agriculture. The museum has practically everything that has some connection with land, managing a farm and farmsteads.

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1.42 €
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Bank transfer
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Free entrance: pre-school children, pupils, students, pensioners, handicapped persons, politically repressed persons, pupils from special boarding-schools, teachers accompanying groups of pupils, families with 3 and more children, parents with a handicapped child, Latvian and foreign museum employees. Guides excursions are free of charge.

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Free parking
Access for disabled people
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