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Museum "Pastariņš"

A museum for children and people who like to play with and try out toys and games, or making bread and butter, and doing other country pursuits.

The writer was born and grew up at Bisnieki farmstead in Zentene parish, which has existed since the 18th century at least and was owned by the Birznieki family for at least 200 years. During the last decades, the buildings of the farmstead have undergone rather radical changes, therefore the museum staff together with students have created a model of the farmstead which reflects the situation which existed during the writer’s childhood.

The vicinity of Dzirciems still retains rich intangible cultural heritage: traditions, beliefs, ancient craft skills and knowledge transferred from generation to generation. The Grey Stone, which stores a multitude of stories, some of which were written down by E. Birznieks-Upītis, is very close by.

The row barn, which houses several parts of the barn under one roof, stands opposite the Bisnieki dwelling house. The meat basin and the big scales are still found in the meat barn. The grain barn is next to it, still housing furnishings of corn-ribs and flour boxes, and all visitors of the museum can try out the hand-mill to grind a handful of grain.

Various useful household objects are found in the storage barn: milk dishes, kneading troughs, tools for sowing, ploughs, forks, rakes, etc. A cart-house for keeping carts and sledges is at the far end of the barn.

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Tukums district, Zentene parish, Dzirciems, "Bisnieki", LV-3125
+371 63154518
+371 28651091
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Entry is free of charge for pre-school children. Pensioners: LVL 0.60
A guided tour: LVL 5.00 in Latvian, LVL 10.00 in a foreign language for groups up to 30 people.

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