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Museum of poet Jānis Rainis in Tadenava

Tadenava is the birthplace of Rainis, the cradle of his soul, which is set far from the haste and bustle of civilization. This deeply tranquil and peaceful place is where the poet’s belief in the sun came from and where his philosophy of light was born.

Here on 11 September 1865 (30 August by the old calendar) the acclaimed “people’s poet” Rainis was born (real name - Jānis Pliekšāns).

Here was laid the foundation for Rainis’s spiritual solitude, love of nature and his worldview. Tadenava helps to reach a deeper understanding of the poet. The old half-estate dwelling house where the museum is now located was built by Rainis’s father. Its ancient logs and the hundred-year-old trees once planted by him hold the very first memories of Tadenava and the events of 1863.

The logs of the house are just as bare as its soul – it stands as a symbol of Rainis’s life and his art.

The museum premises accommodate the study of Rainis’s father, and the rooms of his mother and the little Žaniņš. There are also photo exhibits and old household tools, providing an insight into the rural life and work habits.

The museum is open from 15 May until 31 October.

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