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Museum of the Sun

There are no two identical people or lands on this earth. Also, each person has his or her own country or his or her own Sun. How different those are, and how differently people see the Sun – you can find this out in the Museum of the Sun.

The museum collection holds more than 1350 Suns from various countries all over the world, in addition to a separate exposition of Suns created by Latvian artists and craftspeople.
Every Sun has had its own path that has guided it to me and spoke to me. Each Sun has enhanced the inspiration, faith, power, and desire in me. On a fine sunny day I suddenly realised that I cannot keep them only for myself, that that they must be shown to other people, so that the enormous energy of those Suns gives joy and inspiration to people.

Let the sunlight bless our Latvia. Let the warmth of the Sun stream into our hearts and minds, and thrive there forever. Come, see, enjoy and get inspired, and find your own Sun!

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