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Nature park "Talsu pauguraine" and sightseeing tower Kamparkalns

Area 3671 ha, it is included in the territories of three parishes of the county Talsi - Laidze, Lauciene and Lībaga. Founded in 1987, but before that, since 1977, it has existed as an area of the protected landscapes.

Silhouette of the nature park territory - relief acclivity covered with forests can be viewed from the main roads when already approaching Talsi. Exactly this hilly relief with its peculiarities determines the scenic diversity, besides in the open, clear rural cultural landscapes it is most explicit. One of the most diverse areas in terms of the nature conditions of the Northern Courland with explicitly hilly relief, several small but deep lakes.

Forests take up 52% of the territory (conifer and mixed trees), frequently also introduced plantations of the trees can be found here. The most important values of nature – mosaic like scenery, expressive relief, biotope of the protected plants, little transformed, old oak, fir and pine woods, introduced species – forest stands of beeches, white fir and douglas fir.

Outstanding territory from the scenic point of view. Travelers recognize the small town of Northern Courland Talsi as a town of nine hills but maybe only few know that just as nice and romantic is also surroundings of the town that are included in the Vanema hillocks of the highlands of Northern Courland. Here winding roads lead above the hills and valleys, hillocks are decorated with tall oaks and gorgeous crabapple trees, glassy surfaces of lakes with swampy coastal zones surrounded by the walls of green fir-trees look into the sky, dozens of hillocks are covered with meadows and groves, centenarian plantations of beeches, larches, douglas fir and red oaks flaunt swagger embosomed with old forest stands. Talsu pauguraine invites the traveler to linger in the green world of nature for a moment, walk through the “Sound paths” in the rectory, “Botany path” and “Beaver’s path” behind the Krovalki house, climb onto the highest top of the Northern Courland - Kamparkalns, daydream on the shores of Sirdsezers and Sapņezers that are enclosed with water lilies, enjoy peace and quietness in the surroundings of the houses “Jāņkalni”, listen to the legends and stories about ancient and not so ancient times.

Kamparkalns is located 174 meters above the sea level where approximately 28 meters high sightseeing tower can be found and you can see the 30 kilometers distant sea from it. In the foot of the hill of the highland of Talsu pauguraine during summer guest house and bathhouse services are offered. Well-equipped sports fields for the corporate events. Clients can also rent a guest house with bathhouse, banquet hall, kitchen, lodging possibilities.

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