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Nature Reserve "Vidzeme Stony Seashore"

Nature reserve “Vidzeme Stony Seashore” is located in Limbaži District in the rural area of the city of Salacgrīva and Liepupe parish. Here one can find deposits of boulders, pebbly areas and especially large boulders on the beach and the abrasion steeps at the shore, as well as sandstone exposures on the seashore.  

Boulders scattered at the coastal underwater part and seashore function as ‘brakes’.   When there are strong winds and storms, they reduce the energy of the waves and, hence, also the eroding impact on the shores.  Large boulders also cover protruding parts of the seashore or capes, protecting them from washing out. Nature complexes are formed both by natural processes and due to centuries long human activities and they have a great natural value.

Both typical and rare and protected seashore species and biotypes have been found in the stony seashore territory – 31 rare and protected seashore species of flora and fauna. A slightly transformed seashore nature is also a significant resource of tourism and recreation.

During the last decade the flow of tourists has been growing rapidly, especially during summer months. Since 2004 the nature reserve has been included in the “Natura 2000” network of the European Union protected nature territories and has been managed in accordance with the nature protection plan.

Vidzeme Stony Seashore is the only place in the Baltic Sea where sandstone exposures can be seen on the beach.  They formed 350–380 million years ago. The largest exposures can be seen to the south from Veczemji (up to 4m high) and from Kāpnieki to Siliņi (5 m high).

The stony seashore in the entire territory of the nature reserve is 20–40 m wide. No vehicles are allowed to be driven on the nature reserve roads. Tents may be pitched and fires may be built only at specially indicated places.

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