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Neķēns Manor

Neķēns Manor has been the economic centre of Taurene Parish since olden times. Its master house built in Neo-renaissance style with the motives of villa has survived until today.

The Pander family owned the manor until the Agrarian Reform carried out during Latvia’s first period of independence, i. e., in 1922. The 1905 Revolution left the Nēķens Manor untouched due to the humane management implemented by the Pander family. A story tells that Neķēns peasants and servants defended the manor against revolutionists willing to burn it down.

The present Nēķēni Manor and its buildings were created in the second half of the 19th century replacing the previous 100-year-old construction.

Master house was built in the 1880s according to designs of the architect R. G. Schmeling, as Heinrich Pander was inspired by architectural forms of the Italian Renaissance villas.
Manor and its buildings include master house, twenty household buildings and the park.

Today Neķēns Manor building houses Taurene Parish administration and cultural centre. The Manor can only be viewed from the outside.


Vecpiebalga district, Taurene parish, Taurene, Nēķena muiža, LV-4119
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57.160906, 25.663841
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