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New Rīga Theatre

The New Rīga Theatre (JRT) is a professional repertoire theatre that offers clever, attractive and unorthodox repertoire with a contemporary perspective on classical plays and on works by Latvian and foreign playwrights.

The criteria of our stage productions are high professional standards, ethics and distinctive artistic qualities. It is high class art suited to the requirements of the independently-thinking contemporary spectator both in its content and form.
In the age of quantity, stress and information we wish to profess humanism, vitality and emotion, to seek the way back to harmony and simplicity!

The JRT was established in 1992.
The JRT has two permanent auditoriums: the Big Hall with 470 seats and the Small Hall, which can seat 100 spectators.

In addition, new venues are being sought both in the theatre and elsewhere. Currently the JRT offers three new venues for its audiences – Kamerzāle, an auditorium for 100 spectators, the Rehearsal Room (40 seats) and the Minute Room (80 seats). The premises of the Music and Theatre Museum at Talsu Street 1 are also used to host shows.

The JRT is located in the building the history of which dates back to 1902 when the first professional Latvian theatre was established. Later the building hosted a number of different theatre companies. "It is typical of this house to bring together restless spirits. As a focal point of recurrent spiritual experience this place could be equalled to an ancient Greek temple," one of the most illustrious Latvian stage directors and legendary leader of the Daile Theatre, Eduards Smiļģis thus described the building at Lāčplēša Street 25. The eminent artist's portrait is displayed on the building's firewall as a tribute to his talent.

The artistic director of the JRT from 1992 to 1997 was Juris Rijnieks. Ever since its early days, the JRT established itself as a professional and modern theatre with a vivid artistic manner, open to all new things new. The JRT is the first publicly funded theatre which actively engaged guest directors and guest actors. Along with the JRT's own directors - Juris Rijnieks, Alvis Hermanis and Māra Ķimele – plays were staged here by Pēteris Krilovs, Arnis Ozols, Markus Zorner (Switzerland), Hans Bertilsson (Sweden), Kristina Wuss (Germany).

In 1997, the JRT's leading stage director Alvis Hermanis was appointed general manager and further contributed towards the growth of the company's creative individuality. Alongside with the theatre's own Alvis Hermanis and Viesturs Kairišs, other leading Latvian stage directors - Pēteris Krilovs, Lauris Gundars, Baņuta Rubess and others put on their productions at the JRT.

A new team of actors was set up, bringing together 17 Latvia's most talented young professionals. Awards won at the shows of professional theatres are proof to the high level stagecraft of the JRT actors. The development of the company continued as 9 other new actors joined in 2004.

The JRT offers its spectators not only productions with serious content but also a new theatrical language. High awards received at theatre contests attest to the theatre's professional success. The quality of the JRT's performances has also received international acclaim. Over those years, the New Rīga Theatre has become a serious player on the international theatrical arena and represents Latvia at various significant international festivals on a regular basis.

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